Imagine how many times as a customer who furnishes their home, you want to be able to visualize your favorite sofa in the living room to visually assess whether it matches the size, color or style of the rest of the interior. How many misunderstandings and disappointments could you avoid?! It is already possible only with two clicks before pressing the order button.

Product packaging is quite an important marketing and communication tool and it plays a significant role in the decision-making process of customers. According to researches, one-third of consumer decision-making is based solely on product packaging. The packaging itself communicates many things – it says a lot about your product, your company values, and it also differentiates your brand from the competition. So the more eye-catching your product packaging is, the better.Continue reading “Augmented Reality – The Technology Which Takes Packaging To The Next Level”

Simply put, augmented reality is a technology that allows the view of the real-world environment to be extended by virtual elements – video, animations, 3D and other types of digital content. Augmented Reality (or AR) technology performs in real time and in context with real environmental elements.  It is important to note, that this is an extension only and not a complete substitution of the real world with a virtual one, like in the case of virtual reality.

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