Living in a world where everything is being digitalized and technology is slowly becoming  part of every aspect in our lives, we started to get comfortable with all the conveniences technology can give us, and slowly we have abandoned the “old ways” of doing things. We are used to having almost everything one click away from us and we got used to all kinds of smart technologies in our everyday lives. Technology has caused a disruption in many industries and those of them failing to adapt are slowly diminishing from the market. In this article, we are going to discuss how technology is going to replace the CDs released for textbooks, and we strongly believe that the publishing industry can benefit a lot by adapting to the technological changes.

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Simply put, augmented reality is a technology that allows the view of the real-world environment to be extended by virtual elements – video, animations, 3D and other types of digital content. Augmented Reality (or AR) technology performs in real time and in context with real environmental elements.  It is important to note, that this is an extension only and not a complete substitution of the real world with a virtual one, like in the case of virtual reality.

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